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2020 is turning out to be the year of insanity. We've upgraded some machines in the machine shop, unexpectedly had to repair some machines and have been up to our eyeballs in repairs in the car lot. Then there's COVID-19. I don't care what walk of life you are on, this has affected each and every one of us on a very personal level, one way or another.

I just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you that has stuck with us. I haven't had a single car out front since last fall, because either they haven't been repaired to my standard to sell, or, some of you have called to see what is available and our focus switches to that vehicle to finish getting repaired and detailed and ready for you. It seems completely unorthodox to me, but it has been working to everyone's benefit thus far.

As of this post, we are working hard to get a few more ready and set out for your viewing. Please continue to be patient with us. (It's just Allen and I.) We're doing the best we can to sell you the right vehicle for your family and your wallet.

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