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We are so appreciative of our customers. Thank you for being with us this first year; sincerely. We actually sold out of cars this month (December) and are scrambling to fill the lot with cars and trucks for tax season. With that said, we have ran into a run of cars we have acquired that need motor work. Luckily, we have the machine shop, but Allen is just one man. So please bear with us. We would rather fail doing the right things for you than to succeed from doing wrong by you. So for Christmas this year, we will be installing a motor in a truck that originally we thought just had a blown head gasket. Then it was a lot of oil blow-by. It's all rebuilt now and will be hopefully ready right after Christmas. Then we acquired two sedans this week that for some reason, we didn't hear that knock under the hood until we pulled it out of the auction. Oops. So, that's two more in the queue for motors. Ugh. Why don't people change their oil? Sorry, I digress. We just want to thank you all for staying with us all year long. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and we hope to serve you all for a very long time.

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