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Ok, so we haven't been selling cars as a car lot for very long, but we have been in the automotive industry since 1988. My husband Allen has been an automotive machinist since he got out of high school in 1988 and an automotive locksmith since 2000. We also own Eagle Automotive Machine Shop and Allen's Lock & Key. It keeps us very busy and pays the bills. My name is Brenda and although I don't have a resume that reflects a big automotive history, I was raised by a machinist and dune buggy/VW enthusiast. So I do know my way around a swap meet and car show. I tell everyone that I know enough to be dangerous. I'm also the person that you will talk to when needing machine work, so I do know my way around most of the rebuilding processes. So, that's a little about us.

In this category of posts, "Car Sales is a Crazy Business," you can expect some venting, frustration and some dark or blue humor. This is where I let my hair down and really say it like I want to say it. No holds barred. As a matter of fact, you might just find more posts here over time than the Announcements or the Buyers categories just because it's easier for me to let loose than it is for me to be upbeat and positive. It's a character flaw. I hope you enjoy and that my madness brings you joy and entertainment.

Happy car shopping,


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